Activist | A New Series Trailer

Activist | A New Series Trailer

Help us get this series created!

My name is Gareth Scurr, I am a filmmaker for Vegan FTA. If you haven’t heard of us before, our website ( and our Facebook page ( ) have over 300,000 followers and as you may guess from the name, our content is devoted to raising awareness of the plight of the sentient beings we share this planet with, and encouraging others to get involved as activists and fight for their rights.

For some time now we have been working on creating a one-stop hub for those who want to learn more and stand up for the animals. A place where anyone can come to and learn and feel a part of. Where current activists and those who want to become activists can find news, education and a support network – as well as many success stories and triumphs, to warm our hearts and keep us all going. We pride ourselves on keeping our fingers on the button and have earned an excellent name.

We are a very small team – just four of us across the world, but that doesn’t stop us from accomplishing big things. Over the past 9 months or so we have introduced two online film series to our viewers. Both are ongoing; the first visits animal sanctuaries all over the country, and the second, called “Eat the Change” shines a spotlight on vegan innovators who are creating huge positive change through food. Both have been really well received and successful.

The reason we are creating this fundraiser is to start work on a much larger series, which we believe is the first of its kind. It is called simply “Activist”
The aim of the project is to bring together some of the biggest names and brightest minds in activism and discuss what it takes to create global change, and all methods we can utilise to create that. We will feature one-on-one interviews with prominent activists from around the world, as well as group chats on a variety of topics. The overall aim is to encourage and empower people to become more active in the vegan movement through any avenue they excel at, whether that be participating in protests, serving up life changing meals or simply creating small dialogues that spark change. We want to showcase the many forms of activism, right across the board. Ultimately, this series will create a database of talks that can help inspire people to participate in activism and to create a permanent place of reference and support.

We are hugely excited about this series and hope to really be able to make a difference. We realise that the world is an even crazier place right now than usual, and things are hectic. However we also feel that now is the time to get this series out there, while people are still reeling and feeling the impact from the way we have treated this planet and those of us who share it. If you feel this is something you may like to be a part of, please donate or for more information, contact us at either: or Thank you all for your help and support. We are proud to bring you this brand new resource to watch, to learn, to share and to save all sentient beings!

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