Animal Hero Kids | Voices for the Voiceless

Animal Hero Kids | Voices for the Voiceless

Susan Hargreaves is a kindness educator, author, speaker, and activist of more than 40 years. In that time she has been an outstanding voice for the animals and the vegan movement. Among her many achievements, she has rehabilitated wildlife and investigated animal cruelty in circuses, rodeos, and in the animal-based agriculture industry. Susan is also the much-loved and treasured founder of the youth-empowering charity Animal Hero Kids, endorsed by celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix and Paul McCartney and does amazing work fostering empathy and compassionate choices in youth. Listening to Susan really warms your heart and instils hope for a more compassionate future. We hope you enjoy this special interview with her as much as we did!
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“Susan’s’ skills and ingenuity as a humane educator are vitally needed…It is precisely the type of outstanding educational programs Susan creates that benefits any community.” -Jane Goodall

“Fostering empathy, that is the key. If you don’t have empathy, you don’t have a building block to kindness.” -Susan Hargreaves

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