Are Eggs Ethically Sound? ๐Ÿ‘€

Are Eggs Ethically Sound? ๐Ÿ‘€

Eggs are considered to be an ethically sound food, because they are technically not “alive” 👀

But this massively overlooks 2 key details:

1) Chickens are bred to produce eggs. The ones who are born male are all gassed, suffocated or macerated alive on day 1 of life, because of course – they won’t produce eggs, and they are not the same breed that were selected for meat either. So they are “useless.” 🐣

2) The females who were selectively bred to overproduce eggs – are typically slaughtered at 1.5 years when productivity declines. Not before suffering horrible mutilations without anesthesia, and living the brutal life they live on farms. 🐔

So how could this food be considered vegetarian? 💔

This is why we are VEGAN 🙏🌱

Amazing video from @VoiceOfVegans

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