Baby Chick Sent Through the Mail #shorts

Baby Chick Sent Through the Mail #shorts

This is probably going to be hard for most of you to watch. But it’s reality.

A compassionate employee from a local feed store contacted @herewithus_farmsanctuary about a Guinea chick who needed help. This is Newt. Newt was sent through the mail from a hatchery to a feed store at just one day old. Because of this, he suffered neurologically and didn’t have control of his little body. He had spasms and tremors and likely hit his head in the shipping process.

Sadly despite all the love and care Newt was given, he wasn’t able to make it.

“Every single day, thousands and thousands of day old chicks are shipped through the US Postal Service. They are shipped to feed stores and they are shipped to homes across the country.

They are packed into cardboard boxes and sent through the mail. The actual mail, from usps, in a shipping box. They often end up sitting in the post office for days, or end up with neurological issues from rough transport. They are then listed on websites or for sale in bins in feed stores for just a couple dollars each. As if their life can be measured in $2 increments.

I was just reading an article about someone who lost almost over 500 chicks in his last several shipments. He was concerned about the loss in revenue, not the loss in lives. Can you imagine being born, and then being shoved into a box, still wet, and sent through the mail?! Can you imagine how scared you would be?! Do you not think that chicks feel the same fear and pain as humans?! THEY DO. Could you imagine if someone was putting puppies in boxes and sending them across the country in the mail? Everyone would be outraged!

Humans are mailing LIVING sentient beings in the mail and just crossing their fingers that they arrive to their destinations safely. The utter disregard for those precious little lives is unbelievable.”

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