Baby Cow Born on a Cattle Farm Protected by New Cow Family #shorts

Baby Cow Born on a Cattle Farm Protected by New Cow Family #shorts

Let your heart melt away with this genuine caring gesture of kindness from a lady cow to a newcomer to the sanctuary 💚🐮
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Of course being caring and kind are not traits exclusive to women, although perhaps historically they have been considered as such.

We need to recognize these important values as Pilar’s of our society no matter who displays them and we should celebrate them and value them more 🙌

“Agustín is already part of the family, as if he had been in this group all his life 😍

It’s likely that for someone that ignores how bovines work and how their families are structured, they’ll think this moment is, well, a cow that was walking by and that stopped by confidentially.

But the reality is that Tina has come specifically, as the protector of the family that she is, to control that everything was ok with baby Agustín, and when she realized everything was ok, she left at peace.

This could explain many other experiences lived with Tina, and not just a few, and she truly has be surprised and will never stop surprising me, honestly!”

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