Baby Cow Pushed Away from Mother ๐Ÿ’”

Baby Cow Pushed Away from Mother ๐Ÿ’”

Cows produce milk for the same reason as all mammals – to nourish their young. 🐮

But in the dairy industry calves are prevented from drinking their milk, so it can be sold for humans to consume instead. 💔

We take milk from babies, the only ones who actually need it. 😔

There are so many plant-based alternatives that don’t involve animal exploitation. Ditch dairy now. 💚

👉 Urge Costa Coffee to Make Oat Milk the Default ☕️ 🌱

🎥: VeganFTA / ‘jem_lettuce’ on IG
Clip from ‘galapagos_marc’ on IG

#dairy #cows #calves #animalrights #animalliberation

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