Biggest Fashion Fail of 2023 – What Was Schiaparelli Thinking? #shorts #youtubeshortvideo #fashion

Biggest Fashion Fail of 2023 – What Was Schiaparelli Thinking? #shorts #youtubeshortvideo #fashion

Lots of people are upset about this -not just “extreme” vegans 👀
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Schiaparelli is a huge fashion powerhouse and yet they felt the need in 2023 to glorify trophy hunting 😳 not to mention they’re perpetuating the narrative that animals are “things” we can use.

Of course they came out and said “no animals were harmed” and the heads aren’t real and not to worry because they’re made from wool and silk 🙄

Well, then animals WERE harmed 🔪

Silk worms spend all their energy making silk, which they do for their cocoons, in order to carry out their metamorphosis. We kill them to take it away from them 🐛

Sheep have been selectively bred in order to produce much more fur than they would in nature so we can steal as much as possible from them. The shearing process is not only stressful and often very cruel, but also the wool industry breeds these animals and steals their lives in order to keep taking their fur away 🐑

Can’t we find a way to innovate without harming others?!

👉 Take Action for Animals Exploited for Fashion:

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