Blind Dairy Cow Gets a New Life

Blind Dairy Cow Gets a New Life

Everyone, meet Helen 😍

This senior gal has stolen our hearts, and the hearts of her caretakers in such a short time 👵

She arrived to @uncleneilshome a few weeks ago after spending 19 years on a dairy farm, which is very odd, as dairy cows are usually sent to slaughter after being exploited for their milk for 5 years 💔

However, in some farms, and depending on their health, they can live longer… but this long really makes her a special unicorn 🦄 Even the vet said he’s never seen a cow this old!

After giving birth every year, and having her babies stolen or added to the production line, Helen finally stopped producing milk at age 15 but she was kept on the farm until now being cared by someone who grew attached to her 😯

Helen is also blind and has osteoarthritis but that hasn’t stopped her from learning her new environment, listening to music, trusting her new human family, and enjoying all the special conditioning they have set up for her on her new transition barn while she gets medical clearance to meet some moo people friends 🐮

“Helen might not be able to see us, but it doesn’t stop her from knowing exactly where we are to give us hugs. She is so smart, so happy, and so full of life. Every day is the best day ever with Helen.

She is magnificent. Helen is intelligent, stoic, independent and watching her experience her ‘firsts’ in sanctuary has been nothing short of amazing.”

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