Buddy The Blind Horse 🐴❤️

Buddy The Blind Horse 🐴❤️

When horses get older, lose their vision and need more care, it is common for their families to no longer be able or willing to take care of them, so they put them down 😰

That was the case with Buddy, who was rescued the very day he would be euthanized! 😱

In addition to being blind, Buddy suffers from Cushing’s disease, which means he can’t control his temperature well, but at Catskill Animal Sanctuary they all the efforts to make this 33+ year-old horse feel comfortable and loved 🧡

All animals deserve a dignified life regardless of their age, size or abilities. Thank you to Catskill Animal Sanctuary for giving Buddy and many other animals the love and care they need 🙏

👉 Watch a tour of the sanctuary here: https://youtu.be/n_0eawdyJMU

👉 You can support Catskill Animal Sanctuary here: https://casanctuary.org/support-us-2/donate-2

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