But Going Vegan is so HARD….

    A fantastic video created by one of our members and contributors, Jon Schoeller showing how easy it is to make vegan choices in many parts of the world.

    ‘One of the most common excuses I hear about not being able to change over to a plant based diet…

    “I would but it so hard to go vegan”

    Well, I am going to urge you to give it another shot. It has literally never been easier to choose vegan alternatives in our lifetime and it’s only getting easier.

    There are vegan burgers, milk, ice cream, sausage, eggs, chicken, cookies, cheese, yogurt, pizza, pasta, cream cheese, barbecue, lasagna, candy, fish, sour cream, cake, etc.

    Yes, many of them are processed but so are the meat and dairy versions. That is why I mention the recipes if you want healthier meals. But don’t forget the healthier stuff like fruits and vegetables are already vegan. Coincidence? 😉

    Anything you can make can be made vegan.

    The days of “so what do you eat, salads?” are long gone. We (vegans) eat the same foods you do minus the unnecessary torture and killing.

    Taste? I agree the alternatives used to be sub par but the brands and recipes that are out now will blow your mind. Most, and I have tested this with many non-vegan friends, will not be able to tell the difference.

    Price? Often negligible and even sometimes cheaper. Especially if you calculate the reduction in medical expenses if you were eat a healthy vegan diet. Remember, the more we buy of it the cheaper it will become.

    Do the right thing, not the easy thing…

    …but especially when it’s easy 🤗’ -Jon Schoeller

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