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This is Charlie, he was going to be shot. The farmer refused to tag him to register he even ever existed. He was taken from his mother and just placed in an enclosed box, meant for storing gravel, waiting for a bullet. He couldn’t see out and was very traumatised. He wasn’t even fed with a bottle to suck for comfort, just a bucket. Luckily a farm worker told the rescue team he was there and they came and rescued him.

Charlie is now safe, but there are others just like him who are awaiting their fate right now. Starfish Bobby Calf Project and Rising from Ashes Animal Sanctuary (IG @risingfromashessanctuary) have joined forces to save five more beautiful babies who are waiting to be picked up by the slaughter house truck and made into pet food. These calves endure the trauma of being picked up by a truck at four days old and transported to their slaughter. Legally they can go on the truck for 8 hours and be withheld any food for 24 hours.

This is a horror story that is re-enacted day in and day out across New Zealand during the year. 1.8 million calves are sent to slaughter every year in New Zealand. They are sold for as little as $5.

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