Can You Imagine Knowing That You Are Next?

Can You Imagine Knowing That You Are Next?

‘At the slaughterhouse in Guarnizo, Cantabria. The lifeless body hanging from a cow, while its companions, still alive and waiting for their turn, look at it with curiosity, fear…

We have no words to express on their behalf what they felt at the time. They were seeing with their own eyes the cruel fate that was waiting for them…
After listening all morning to their fellow women scream as they were killed, then they saw this. Some reacted with more attention and awareness of the situation…

It was a hard time… for them, for us. We didn’t believe anything so unfair, painful, horrible… 😥💔

THIS IS THE REALITY OF KILLERS. Let’s not look away as it continues to happen day after day…

More empathy. More action… Please. We will get the change we want to see in the world.

Clip and quote from Cantabria Animal Save

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