Cat Adopts Rescued Baby Goat! #shorts

Cat Adopts Rescued Baby Goat! #shorts

Her little smile at the end of the video is so cute 🥺
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Lily the goat was rescued after she was rejected by her mother. She was one of three triplets! Normally, baby goats like Lily would spend their day playing with their siblings and spend their nights cuddled up with their mom. Unfortunately, Lily has never been able to experience that.⁠

Now, she has found a little animal family of her own. 🥰’⁠

The rescued house cat at Friendly Fields Farm Sanctuary, Bean has decided to adopt her! Bean isn’t great at playing and head butting like a baby goat, but he is a great cuddle partner. ⁠

Seeing them together is the cutest thing in the world.’ 🐐💚🐈⁠

🎥 Friendly Fields Farm Sanctuary

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