Chickens Are Very Sensitive Beings, Both Physically and Emotionally #shorts

    Did you know chickens have very keen senses?
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    Their sense of sight is very good. They not only distinguish colors but also capture ultraviolet light and iridescent tones.

    They can move their eyes independently. One eye sees up close and the other from afar. This way, while one eye sees the food, the other is attentive to predators.

    They can identify facial features and recognize more than a hundred individuals. They also recognize and differentiate geometric figures accurately.

    Their ears detect many levels of frequency, both high and low, making them capable of hearing sounds that humans can’t hear.

    Their beaks have tactile receptors that allow them to make precise touch assessments; they are like hands for humans.

    Chickens are very sensitive beings, both physically and emotionally.

    Don’t contribute to their exploitation.

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