Compassion Through Collaboration with Plant Based News Robbie Lockie

Compassion Through Collaboration with Plant Based News Robbie Lockie

Co-Founder of Plant-Based News, Robbie Lockie, has an incredible vegan journey to share. From making the connection to animal suffering to helping create one of the leading vegan platforms in the world, his story is a must watch. His passion for veganism, compassion for the animals, and his hope for the future of humanity are incredible inspiring. We hope you love this talk as much as we did!

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Quotes from Robbie:

“For me it’s about trying to show people there is an urgency. That life on earth is finite, it’s not infinite. And we have a limited time to change the course of our future. Humanity is on a collision course with oblivion. Our way of living and the way we exist on earth today is parasitic.”

“Ultimately I think that’s what I love more than anything else is to tell stories and to capture people’s imagination through images and music and sound and emotion. And fast forward to today I’m co-directing a platform that reaches millions of people a month through story-telling and through journalism and through writing and through video and infographics and the power of social media… It’s been quite a journey and I’m very proud to be part of the movement.”

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