Cow with Early Necropsy Gaining Strength After Incredible Care from Sanctuary #shorts

    Honeysuckle fell ill several weeks ago with bovine ephemeral fever and her health abruptly plummeted ⁠ 🥺⁠
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    She was apathetic, in pain, with wounds and a leg with early necropsy after falling into a ravine, as well as lack of appetite. It broke our soul to see her suffering.⁠

    As you can see, she has been given all possible care for her recovery, including medicines, vitamin and electrolyte therapy, electrical impulse therapy, her favorite lucerne hay and this sling to lift her ⁠🙏⁠

    Little by little, she has been gaining strength and good spirits and she has gone from not being able to stand up on her own, to grazing and laying around to enjoy the fresh air.⁠

    While she does this, the rest of the herd (and a horse) always come by to snoop 😅⁠

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