Cute Goat Given Second Chance After Injury

Cute Goat Given Second Chance After Injury

Toffee the goat was rescued as a kid after getting stuck up a tree due to being chased by hunters and their dogs. 🐐💔

He was hanging in the tree by his back legs for an hour, causing him to be temporarily paralyzed. 🤕

Luckily Toffee was brought to @blacksheepanimalsanctuary who took him straight to the vet. They were told his condition was critical, and he would likely need his leg amputated 😔

But thanks to the dedication of @blacksheepanimalsanctuary, though he is still impacted by his injuries, he can now run and climb like the other goats!!

And luckily it turned out his injury was just a bad wound, not a break, so he didn’t need his leg amputated after all!! 🙌

The animals at @blacksheepanimalsanctuary are so lucky to be able to live a full life of love, freedom and care. 🐐

All animals should be able to experience this. 💚

👉 Support @blacksheepanimalsanctuary via the fundraiser in this post /

👉 Keep up with Toffee and all the residents over at @blacksheepanimalsanctuary

📹: VeganFTA / @blacksheepanimalsanctuary

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