Dairy Industry Myths #shorts

Dairy Industry Myths #shorts

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‘One of the more common myths that we hear from dairy farmers is that dairy breeds have to be milked otherwise the cows can get sick or even die. Milking is not only said to be necessary, but it is done to “help” the cows. Well, Ms. Lola here would like to show that this is not the case.⁠

Lola is a Holstein cow, which is a dairy breed. You can see in the first half of the video, taken the day her baby was born, that her udders are huge and distended. In fact, they are so distended that milk is coming out by itself because the udders are under such high pressure.⁠

Fast forward to several months later, and her udders have shrunk considerably—all without our intervention. This is because of the feedback loop that regulates milk production. The more the udders are stimulated, the more milk they will produce. This allows a cow to produce just enough milk to meet the needs of her baby.⁠

In the dairy industry, Lola’s baby Ray would have been taken away from her and sent to the slaughterhouse right after he was born. Lola would have then been milked, and the milk she made for Ray would have been sold to humans. What’s more, she would have been milked at a much higher rate than what is natural to keep production up. And we’re meant to believe this is for her benefit?’ 🤔⁠

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