Dairy Is Cruel šŸ’”

Dairy Is Cruel šŸ’”

Calf hutches are used in the dairy industry to house young calves separately after they are taken from their mothers shortly after birth. 😔

Studies have shown that such early-life social deprivation can lead to long-term behavioral and health issues. Furthermore, calf hutches often provide minimal protection from extreme weather, leading to further health issues and even potential fatalities. 🥶

Male calves in the dairy industry are either killed at a young age for veal or raised until about a year old before being slaughtered for beef. This is because male calves cannot produce milk and therefor only exist as an extra cost to the farmer to feed and raise them. 🐮

Veal calves are often killed within weeks of birth, while those raised for beef are typically castrated within the first few weeks of life and then slaughtered at around one year of age. This is all a part of the broader system in which dairy cows are repeatedly impregnated and separated from their calves to maintain milk production for human consumption. 💔

Dairy is cruel, live vegan. 🙏

👉Sign the Petition to Tell New York Not to Build a Massive Dairy Production Facility: https://drove.com/.2Hl8

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