Did You Know This About Pigs? ❤️🐷 #shorts

Did You Know This About Pigs? ❤️🐷 #shorts

Did you know pigs are very intelligent and social? ❤️🐷

It is estimated that their level of cognitive intelligence is similar to that of a three-year-old human. They can recognize their names, understand commands quickly, and use mirrors to find food or other objects.

They have an excellent memory. According to various studies, pigs are able to remember the way back home even if it is a long distance, they also remember individuals of their own species and others.

They are very social beings and being alone stresses them out. They recognize members of their family and feel uncomfortable when they are with someone they don’t know.
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They use more than 20 types of sounds to communicate with their relatives. And they use them according to the context.

They are very clean. When they have enough space, they never use the place where they eat and sleep to pee or poo. This only happens when they are confined in small spaces, like factory farming.

When they take a mud bath, they do so because the mud helps cool their bodies on the hottest days and acts as sunscreen for their delicate skin.

They are very curious and love to play. They transform different objects that are on their way into toys. They also enjoy mental challenges.

Various studies have shown pigs can feel pain, fear, joy and empathy, among other emotions.

Pigs are highly intelligent and sensitive beings, both physically and emotionally.

Don’t contribute to their exploitation.

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