Dirty Dairy protest

Dirty Dairy protest

‘On Sunday 10th November, at 14 dairy farms all across New Zealand, Fonterra presented the public with an opportunity to scrutinise the dairy industry, in a campaign they call ‘Open Gates’.

The object of these open days is an attempt to restore crumbling public support for the dairy industry.

Animal Rights and Environmental activists however, conducted protests at 12 of these farms to draw attention to the dark side of the dairy industry. They are calling for a rapid and urgent transition from all forms of animal agriculture, (and commercial fishing), to cropping and horticulture, for reasons of respect for animals and environmental protection.

The nationwide series of protests were coordinated by Jessica Strathdee, (a former dairy farm worker turned vegan animal rights activist), and Avalua Tavui (also a vegan animal rights activist), who are both New Zealand ambassadors for international animal advocacy group, ‘Mothers Against Dairy’. ‘

For more information, visit Mothers Against Dairy
Images and footage and quote from Carl D Scott Activist

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