Don’t Look Away 🥺😭 #shorts #youtubeshorts #animals

Don’t Look Away 🥺😭 #shorts #youtubeshorts #animals

Louise Jorgensen, who’s behind the camera taking these pictures and who’s behind the amazing work at @animalsentienceproject told @thehumaneleague this about her process:

“There is a deep communication through the eyes of animals where language is not needed. I take their photos because I want others to see what I see when I look into their eyes: a presence that is profoundly beautiful, pure, and wise. I want others to sense the person who is looking back at you behind those living and joyful, or frightened and pleading eyes.

Photos are able to communicate what words often can’t. I strive to capture depth and emotion in eyes and in their body language to encourage empathy, and to understand that they, like us, are deeply emotional beings with the same capacity as we do to feel joy and to suffer immensely.”

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