Eating Animals is Not Morally Justifiable: How to Lay the Groundwork

Eating Animals is Not Morally Justifiable: How to Lay the Groundwork

In Part 3 of this 6 part miniseries, you’ll learn:
🐮 Specific facts about farmed animal sentience and intelligence
🐔 How to help people relate to farmed animals
❓ How to ask strategic questions to help people question their speciesist beliefs

Welcome to Plant Powered Persuasion: Effective Communication for Vegans! In this six part miniseries, we’ll show you the road map to a vegan future and how you can help make it a reality!

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This miniseries is a collaboration between Vegan FTA and Veganography 💞
🐷Produced by Vegan FTA
🎥Written and directed by Emma Schwarz, Veganography
🎶Filmed, edited, animated, and original theme song by John Burton, Veganography

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😱 Further reading ~ report predicts COLLAPSE of animal agriculture by 2030:

– Pig intelligence:
– Cow social intelligence:
– Sheep facial recognition:,humans%20and%20non%2Dhuman%20primates.
– Goats prefer to spend time with happy people:,positioned%20on%20the%20right%20side.
– Chickens can categorize 100 faces:
– Turkeys have their own language:
– Ducklings coordinate hatching together:
– Horses can categorize objects based on size:
– Donkeys can problem solve at the same rate as dolphins and dogs:,experiences%20for%20a%20long%20time.
– Fish pass the “mirror test”:

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00:00 – Introduction
00:36 – Eating Animals is a Choice
01:51 – Using Animals Isn’t Necessary
02:25 – Individualize Farmed Animals
03:08 – Present Horrors of Animal Agriculture
04:07 – Closing Question

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