Emergency Rescue of Calf With Third Degree Burns ๐Ÿ˜ฐโ 

Emergency Rescue of Calf With Third Degree Burns ๐Ÿ˜ฐโ 

Thanks to the call to action of @pedacitosdealmas, it was possible to intervene in this case of animal abuse where mother and son have been able to have a happy ending 💚⁠

They were abandoned to their fate, grazing in a place where there were no conditions and the calf burned his legs, as you can see. Local people took them home and kept them for three weeks without veterinary care 😔⁠

According to the organizations involved in the rescue the local police ignored the official complaints and did not call the prosecutor to seize the animal until a lawyer intervened 😰⁠

“@mestizosmagazine documented the moment of the seizure, thanks to the intervention of the lawyer, specialist in animal rights, @celestejim_ who said “This is animal abuse by omission… [the baby] could have died” 💔⁠

Thanks to this legal intervention, mother and son were transferred to the @santuarioempatia of @elialbasetti and @fede_koch to start their new life, starting with receiving the necessary veterinary care to heal 🥰⁠

Mom has been called Empatía (Empathy) and baby Ismael because of @ismaeldobarganes from Fundación Santuario Gaia”💚⁠

Ismael’s prognosis is cautious, considering that he has third-degree burns and that he spent so much time unattended. Later today we will know more 🤞⁠

🎥 Santuario Empatía @celestejim_ (IG) Mestizos MagazinePedacitos De Almas

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