Empowering Change: How to Suggest Next Steps

Empowering Change: How to Suggest Next Steps

In Part 6 of this 6 part miniseries, you’ll learn:
🌱 How to inspire someone to GO VEGAN!
🌱 The most important steps to follow when guiding someone through a transition to veganism

Welcome to Plant Powered Persuasion: Effective Communication for Vegans! In this six part miniseries, we’ll show you the road map to a vegan future and how you can help make it a reality!

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This miniseries is a collaboration between Vegan FTA and Veganography 💞
🐷Produced by Vegan FTA
🎥Written and directed by Emma Schwarz, Veganography
🎶Filmed, edited, animated, and original theme song by John Burton, Veganography

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😱 Further reading ~ report predicts COLLAPSE of animal agriculture by 2030: https://learn.rethinkx.com/hubfs/reports/RethinkX+Food+and+Agriculture+Report.pdf

– Only one third of vegans transitioned all at once: https://sentientmedia.org/how-to-become-vegan/#:~:text=According%20to%20ChooseVeg%27s%20Vegetarian%20Starter,cutting%20out%20chicken%20and%20fish.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – The Three Reactions
02:28 – The Pathway to Veganism
03:29 – Small Steps Compound
03:50 – Provide Practical Support
04:41 – Provide Social Support
05:22 – The Roadmap to a Vegan World
06:04 – Empowering Change

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