Ending the Bear Bile Trade with Jill Robinson of Animals Asia

Ending the Bear Bile Trade with Jill Robinson of Animals Asia

Across Asia the dog meat and bear bile trade have become a focal point for societal change. Animals Asia is an incredible organisation working with the public and government to shift perception of animals. In this interview we talk with inspirational founder of Animals Asia, Jill Robinson about how they have been able to achieve so much for these important species and shine a light on a shift in culture around other animals. Jill’s story is a classic case of compassion leading the way to change, as we hear her story first hand and the heartwarming stories of those she has helped.
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“It’s just the most extraordinary experience to see that light coming back into their eyes when then they realize no one’s going to hurt or exploit them again. And then you see these amazing personalities come out, and it’s just such a joyous thing to be working and experiencing your life with these animals. It’s a privilege.” -Jill Robinson

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