Ex-Dairy Farmer Turned Animal Advocate

Ex-Dairy Farmer Turned Animal Advocate

Why do vegans have such a big problem with dairy anyway? Vegan FTA’s Jackie Norman can provide more of an insight than most. In this in-depth and honest interview, Jackie shares her unique and perspective with the Hon. Emma Hurst, MP for the Animal Justice Party, NSW Australia.

“I wasn’t looking at the big picture…

All the ones that were in my care I thought, ‘You know, you’re okay with me. You’re safe, you’re warm, you’re fed, you’re cared for… I’m nice.’ All of those things that we tell ourselves you know. I was sort of saying, ‘It’s okay girls, I’m going to look after your babies, I know that they’re fine with me.’ How in God’s name I thought that I could possibly replace their mother. I couldn’t nurture them or keep them warm at night. I couldn’t speak their language…

It’s like trying to get a sheep to raise a human… But somewhere along the line we thought that’s okay and that humans would do a good job.”
-Jackie Norman

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Watch From Wildman to Vegan Man here: https://youtu.be/NoPx2jnfPGI

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