Ex-Slaughterhouse Worker Speaks Out

Ex-Slaughterhouse Worker Speaks Out

Canadian activist Justin Reineke is a former long-time worker in the hog and chicken farming industries in Canada, having been introduced at a young age. Justin now uses his first hand experience and inside knowledge to speak out against the animal industry he was once a part of, informing the public of the inherent cruelty of many common practices. In this interview, we talk about what his years in the job entailed and the life changing events that not only led him to become vegan but also a passionate voice for the animals. This episode also includes a special appearance (and added sound effects) from the family’s beloved pet pig, Bubba!

‘Everybody thinks animal cruelty happens and these practices but they don’t realise it happens here, in their own province. For some reason they think their province is different all the time. When they realise, that’s when they start listening.’

‘In pig farming there’s so much death, I mean we’re constantly killing animals. There’s always small ones. With pigs having 11 to 12 piglets a litter, you can imagine there’s a lot of death involved.’

Listen to Justin’s talk with Animal Voices: https://animalvoices.org/2020/03/behind-the-lines-of-slaughter-covid-19/

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