Explosion at Dairy Farm In US Leaves 18,000 Cows Dead #shorts #vegan

Explosion at Dairy Farm In US Leaves 18,000 Cows Dead #shorts #vegan

This absolutely devastating news is making headlines and we are heartbroken to say the least 😔⁠

It’s hard to imagine 18,000 individuals trapped and getting burned alive inside the walls that exploited them for their milk 🥛⁠

We’d like to take this opportunity to also bring awareness to the fact that globally we kill over 500 cows EVERY MINUTE… a number estimated now many years ago and without even including dairy cows 💔⁠

These animals shouldn’t have been there. They’re only there because people keep buying their products. No demand, no offer, no exploitation, no death 🙅‍♂️⁠

Please save their lives and ditch dairy today 🙏⁠

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