Exposing Trophy Hunting with Eduardo Goncalves

Exposing Trophy Hunting with Eduardo Goncalves

Veganism isn’t about the pigs, the sheep, the chickens or the cows, it is about ending the oppression of all animals.

In this episode we explore the topic of trophy hunting with Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to ban trophy hunting. Eduardo blew our minds and opened our eyes to the realities of a killing industry not just on the plains of Africa but on our backdoor step.
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“Fundamentally what this is about is us as humans exploiting and using nature, other living creatures, for our own purposes with no regard for their welfare or the consequences.

And if you look at a lot of the big issues that we face today as humanity, as a human race, as a society, these are all those same issues.

We are destroying our natural resources, we are destroying biodiversity, we are proving this climate emergency, for those same reasons. Because we fail to take responsibility, we fail to understand that we are part of nature. It’s not us and nature. We are inextricably linked and dependent on its fate as much as it is on ours.

And if we understand that through the prism of this issue, perhaps we can get a real sense of what the challenge is for the wider issues as well, and the changes we need to make.” -Eduardo Goncalves

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