Finding Your Calling with Paradise Rizing

Finding Your Calling with Paradise Rizing

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“When looking at advocacy and how to create positive change, it’s not about judging others as “right” or “wrong” in what they feel called to do.

But there are forms that can be simply more effective, more loving for everyone, and empowering ways of presenting messages for others free-will choice.

I believe we should ask ourselves some key questions when deciding how to advocate and what to participate in…

Is this action or piece of advocacy going to be effective for everyone’s benefit?

Is it feeding into shame and blame and division?

Or is it raising awareness, sharing new perspectives or information, & uplifting others to come to their own conclusions?

What does my heart say is right for me going forward?

What I’m here to encourage is…
– conscious creativity in action
– healing for ourselves and therefore the collective
– sharing messages from a place of clarity and compassion
– always choosing love over fear

Because it’s about the intention behind the action, and love truly is the most powerful force in the universe.” – Lucy Verde Roze

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Activist Self-Care Saved My Sanity

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