Footage From Inside an Abandoned Slaughterhouse ๐Ÿ’” #shorts

Footage From Inside an Abandoned Slaughterhouse ๐Ÿ’” #shorts

No horror movie comes close to the fear, torture, and suffering that non-human animals experience every day of their lives 💔⁠

“Some time ago, a couple of activist friends and I managed to break into a still-secured and now bankrupt pig slaughterhouse in Toronto, where up to 7,000 pigs were slaughtered daily for over 80 years. ⁠

We almost got locked in for the night, but we found a way out 😩 ⁠

My son said ‘that’s what nightmares are made of’ and he’s right. Why can’t we see that we are making life on Earth a living nightmare for animals?⁠

I document this so we can learn from it and change our ways.”⁠

Notice that the third image says “come here, little piggy”, as if it were a game and “lol” pointing to it with an arrow 😣⁠

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