Goat’s Brother with a Neurological Illness Was Wasting Away | Little Woods Sanctuary

Goat’s Brother with a Neurological Illness Was Wasting Away | Little Woods Sanctuary

Elliot, who was rescued alongside Neil the goat from a severe cruelty and neglect case, started to drastically lose weight due to his serious condition. 💔⁠

There is unfortunately no cure for it. Elliot did not make it. 😞⁠

Which left Neil without his dearest brother, and friend. Animals grieve for the loss of their loved ones, like anyone else would. 😢⁠

We have to start treating animals as the sentient beings that they are within our society, as it is us who inflicts the life of pain and suffering onto them – when we view them as commodities or resources. 🐐💔⁠

Thanks to the amazing @littlewoodssanctuary for giving Neil and Elliot the shot at life they always deserved. 🙏💚⁠

Keep up with Neil and Elliot at Little Woods Animal Sanctuary👇
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