Happiest Piggy With a Prosthetic 🐷🩷

Happiest Piggy With a Prosthetic 🐷🩷

Meet Lilly Jelly Roll! Isn’t she the most adorable piggy!? 🥹 🐷

She was born with a defect, so with the help of Bionic Pets, @ArthursAcres got Lilly her very own prosthetic 🙏

As you can she, she is killing it! She loves life, cuddles and kisses, and hitting that right spot with the scratches 🙊 🤣

All animals deserve the chance to live a life full of love 🙏 💚

You go Lilly 🐷 🖤

#vegan #animalsanctuary #pigs #cuteanimals #funnyanimals

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