How Aruba Became the Most Vegan Friendly Island in the Caribbean

How Aruba Became the Most Vegan Friendly Island in the Caribbean

The main point of our ‘Activist’ series is to raise awareness of the many different forms of vegan activism. Until we met Meredith Marin, we had no idea of the role hospitality plays in the vegan movement and its importance. This form of activism allows us to make a difference in every meal we purchase when out. In this episode we learned so much from Meredith, including her incredible story in which a planned stay-at-home-mum ended up making the Caribbean island of Aruba one of the most vegan friendly places in the world! We love her positivity and wealth of knowledge and am sure you will too.

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Quotes from Meredith in this episode:

“I like to lift up local influencers and local activists, local community organizers that want to take their activism in a different direction so that they can help the hospitality industry transition into plant-based food service, which is what my company does now.”

“If a chef or a server comes over and says “How was your meal?” and it wasn’t good, don’t lie. Be honest because the second we lie, we set them up to think “Oh well, I did enough, that’s fine.””

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