How Can We Bring About a Vegan World? | A Discussion with Kim Stallwood

How Can We Bring About a Vegan World? | A Discussion with Kim Stallwood

In this latest episode of Vegan Reflections, Kim Stallwood, a British animal rights author and independent scholar with more than 45 years of personal commitment as a vegan and professional experience in leadership positions in animal protection organisations, discusses with Jordi Casamitjana the issue of whether the vegan world would be achieved through evolution or revolution.

They look at the questions of whether revolutions work, what the vegan revolution would look like, are we already living in a vegan revolution, and would the vegan world be achieved with slow evolution or fast revolution?

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VEGAN REFLECTIONS. Episode 5. Jordi Casamitjana with guest Kim Stallwood

Vegan Reflections is a series for Vegan FTA in which Jordi Casamitjana, the author of the book “Ethical Vegan”, has a conversation with vegan guests about some of the blogs on veganism and animal issues written by him on the Vegan FTA website ( the month before.

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