How to Organise an Animal Rights March

How to Organise an Animal Rights March

Ever wanted to do something on a BIG scale for the vegan movement? Here’s the good news – you can! In this exclusive interview, Vegan FTA’s Gareth and Jackie get a huge amount of insight from Chris Huriwai and Samah Seger, from Wellington Vegan Actions. The pair have been instrumental in organising the Wellington Animal Rights March on November 28th and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Check it out and be inspired!

“We feel it’s our obligation to get out there and provide the opposite side of the coin the industry doesn’t show the public. It’s just about creating that alternative narrative… to spark people’s imagination of a different kind of reality that we could potentially live in if we started to expand our perspectives.”

“In a way it’s a disruption to social norms and giving people a way to imagine a different way of… relating to animals. And then the other side of it of course is community building. It’s really important because it can be quite lonely when you see this glaring injustice and the world doesn’t seem to see it. It’s really important to connect with others who feel the same way as you and to empower each other.”

If you are in New Zealand the Wellington Animal Rights March is taking place November 28th!

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