How to: Outreach Effectively and Change Minds

How to: Outreach Effectively and Change Minds

Elle has a chat with @Natalie.Fulton about vegan outreach, engaging in governmental methods to help animals, her least favourite argument against veganism and more!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – Who is Natalie? What Does She Do?
00:47 – Pro-Animal Future
01:21 – How Long Has She Been Doing Activism For?
02:40 – What Made Her Active?
05:28 – The Type of Outreach She’s Done
10:32 – Pointers to Take From Her Books
12:29 – Influences on the Way to Speak
14:56 – Focusing on Pro-Animal Future
23:00 – How Long Does She Sit For Outreaching?
27:30 – Why Go Vegan?
29:43 – What Is Her Least Favourite Argument Against Veganism?
36:45 – The Cheapest Things at the Store are Vegan

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