How To Write Inspiring Books, Build a Vegan Brand and Help People

    Ever wondered how to write a book? Or build a vegan brand that helps the animals and people?

    In this live chat, we are amplifying voices through the world of vegan publishing and learning how we can start creating our own vegan legacy. Our guest for this interview is vegan powerhouse Mitali Deypurkaystha, who has forged a successful career as a content writer, copywriter, ghostwriter of seven non-fiction books, and now as a book consultant and publisher. Her latest bestseller, ‘The Freedom Master Plan’ is already being celebrated by influential vegans all over the world for not only helping them to write a book, but a bestselling book, and to achieve expert status both in and outside the movement.

    Join us and be inspired to start your vegan legacy!

    Learn more about The Freedom Master Plan here: