Human Ancestry Was Plant Based! ๐Ÿ‘€

Human Ancestry Was Plant Based! ๐Ÿ‘€

Human ancestry was plant based. 👀

When monkeys and apes evolved into being 40 million years ago, most of their members chose the herbivorous adaptation. 🌱

This includes the early species of our lineage – who were frugivores- eating fruits, nuts and seeds. 🥭🥜

However, for only one million years or so, our ancestors experimented with adding meat to their diet. But this experiment ended up failing – as most who tried this became extinct. 😲🥩

Contrary to what old-fashioned paleo-anthropologists used to believe, now we know that prehistoric modern humans ate predominantly plant based diets. 🦴🦷🌱

Luckily, the 2.5% of our ancestry’s time we tried the “meat experiment,” did not leave us with any significant carnivore physical or psychological traits. 🚫

Most of our past is plant based, and hopefully our future will take us a step further into the vegan world we are building for everyone. 🌍

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