If You’re Going to Eat Bacon, Watch This First

If You’re Going to Eat Bacon, Watch This First

In this week’s episode of “Activist” we are joined by the incredible Ryuji Chua A.K.A Peace by Vegan. Ryuji’s mission is to connect humans with other animals by telling compelling and engaging stories through his content. This episode is a great resource for anyone putting out vegan content on social media platforms and wants to tell stories that will resonate with more people.
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A couple of great quotes from our interview with Ryuji:

“We live in a world where if you speak up for dogs or you speak up for dolphins or you speak up for animals that everyone loves like rhinos and elephants, people see you as a hero. But as soon as you speak up for cows, and chickens, and pigs, and turkeys and fish; now all of a sudden people see you like a clown. And they make fun of you, and they think that you are some sort of extreme vegan or something like that.”

“We shouldn’t be scared to criticize culture where it fails to be moral, or where it fails to deliver justice towards either certain humans or animals. We should look at that, think about it, criticize it, and ultimately seek to change it. And the only way we can do that is to accept that we’re not going to be right about everything.”

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