If You’re Not Directly Killing the Animal, Who Cares?

If You’re Not Directly Killing the Animal, Who Cares?

The second highlight from our most recent episode with president and co-founder Bob Isaacson of Dharma Voices for Animals whose mission is to encourage Buddhists across the world to align their actions with their ethics.

Watch the full episode to learn more about the incredible work that Bob and his team are carrying out in Buddhist communities all around the world: https://youtu.be/94SyQJy8Jmc

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“The Buddha didn’t draw the line at actually killing the animal, he drew the line at being part of the process. And certainly if you’re eating animals, you’re creating a market for animals. And if you’re biting into, chewing, and swallowing their bodies, you are involved in the process. So it seems pretty clear, that’s not compassion. I wouldn’t want anyone eating me.” -Bob Isaacson

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