In Loving Memory of Lula ❤

In Loving Memory of Lula ❤

Luna was rescued by Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary and when we came across this video in their Instagram feed, we had to share her touching story and some of the beautiful memories she was able to experience thanks to the incredible team at the sanctuary.

“‘Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting Lula in person was immediately charmed by her larger than life personality — she stole the show wherever she went. Lula was fearless, goofy, loving, kind. She stole our hearts the moment we met her. Lula came to the sanctuary @lighthousefarmsanctuary a few summers ago after two incredible women, Cris and Christana, found her living in a small concrete pen at an empty highschool. She had been born to be a 4H project and was all but forgotten over the summer. Cris and Christina would dutifully bring her food everyday, made sure she had water, and soon they fell in love with her. Their persistence eventually got Lula her freedom and on the very day she was scheduled to be sent to a butcher, she was brought to us instead. Our lives changed forever that day. It was the beginning of the most beautiful, unforgettable friendship. Earlier this summer we noticed Lula appeared to be losing weight. She was a little more tired than usual. After a battery of inconclusive tests we gave her antibiotics and hoped it would help. A CT scan and biopsy ended up giving us a devastating reality: Lula had lymphoma. We did everything we could, but the cancer had spread and in the end the kindest thing we could do was say goodbye. I realize while I’m typing this that a paragraph on social media doesn’t even begin to embody Lula, her spirit, or how much she meant to us. It doesn’t come close. She was so very loved. She is so very missed. We are so grateful to Cris and Christina for recognizing Lula’s worth, for loving her with their whole hearts, and for bringing her to us so she could live in freedom like she deserved. Lula, we carry you on forever and always. Goodbye our sweet, beautiful friend.” ❤️🐷

Find out more about Lula and her friends at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary 👇

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