Independence From Meat Day⁠ #shorts

Independence From Meat Day⁠ #shorts

Today is independence day in the US, and it is also the Independence From Meat Day⁠
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According to Our World in Data, 80 billion land animals are killed for meat every year.⁠

In 2018, they were around:⁠

🐓 69 billion chickens⁠

🐖 1.5 billion pigs⁠

🦃 656 million turkeys⁠

🐑 574 million sheep⁠

🐐479 million goats⁠

🐄 302 million cows⁠

🐠 There are so many marine animals, that they are counted in TONS and not as individuals.⁠

That same year, according to the FAO, world production in fish farms reached 82.1 million tons and another 96.4 million tons were captured.⁠

Approximately 8.6 million tons of marine animals were incidentally caught and returned to the sea, including dolphins, sharks and turtles.⁠

Most of these animals suffer since they’re babies. Typically, piglets have their teeth and tails cut off, chicks have their beaks burned, and calves are dehorned. All WITHOUT ANESTHESIA. ⁠

Fish in factories are so crowded that many die prematurely from lack of oxygen.⁠

The meat industry does not care about the welfare of animals, neither your health nor that of the planet, only MONEY.⁠

Today is a good day to start to find YOUR INDEPENDENCE from an industry that only generates pain, pollution and death. ⁠


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