Is Veganism Becoming Mainstream?

Is Veganism Becoming Mainstream?

Australian activist Tash Peterson has been making headlines all over the world with her fearless and innovative activism and has been a huge voice for positive change in the world. Here she is giving a speech in Perth, the only place in the world that was able to hold a public event for the National Animal Rights Day this year.

“Over my two and a half years of being an activist, I have seen substantial changes in the animal rights movement. the world is changing, and we are seeing a significant increase in the number of vegans and animal rights activists each day, which is taking us a step closer towards achieving Animal Liberation.

I truly believe that a majority of this change is because of civil disobedience. Throughout my three years of being vegan, there’s been a huge increase in the demand for vegan products worldwide, and I have seen products like vegan meats ice creams and chocolates created that I would have never imagined to exist just a couple of years ago.

It is truly incredible to see veganism becoming mainstream, and this has only occurred because of passionate animal rights activists like ourselves.”

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