It’s a World Out of Balance | Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson

It’s a World Out of Balance | Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson

Do any of us REALLY know what is going on in our oceans? Captain Paul Watson, founder and director of Sea Shepherd enlightens us to the shocking reality in our premiere episode of ‘Activist’, Season 2. This interview totally blew us away, you won’t want to miss it!
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“Our ships are all vegan vessels, because we feel that that’s a major contribution to addressing things like climate change.

The production of meat, the killing of 65 billion animals every year is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, a major contributor to dead zones in the ocean, a major contributor to groundwater pollution. And that’s not counting the destruction of the fishes, which is even greater than 65 billion.

And another thing that people don’t take into account is that 40% of all the fish taken out of the ocean is fed to chickens and to pigs and to domestic salmon, and to fur-bearing animals and everything like that.

So even when people eat a hamburger they’re eating a fish really. It’s a complex thing.

We live in a world right now where chickens eat more fish than all the worlds puffins and albatrosses.

We live in a world where domestic house cats eat more fish in cans, 2.8 million tons a year, than all of the seals in the North Atlantic Ocean.

It’s a world out of balance.” -Captain Paul Watson

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