IT’S HARD – How do I speak to people about veganism? This inspiring event will show you how

    How do I speak to people about vegan or plant-based living? It’s so hard!

    Would you like to speak more confidently and effectively with strangers and loved ones about living a compassionate, healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle?

    Vegan FTA is proud to sponsor the very first Grassroots Ambassador Certification Training & Summit 2022! This upcoming event is designed to teach you how to spread ALL the joys of a vegan lifestyle! With a group of experts sharing their best practices that have enabled them to inspire countless individuals to willingly explore the vegan, plant-based and whole food lifestyle you will be well equipped for speaking to friends, family and the general public.

    In this PRE-EVENT livestream, Vegan FTA are taking the time to sit down and chat with event organizers Peter Goldstein, Kathleen Gage and vegan psychologist, Angela Crawford to learn more about what the Grassroots Ambassador Certification Training can offer vegans in their advocacy efforts and also learn more about how each of them connect to the vegan philosophy.

    The Grassroots Ambassador Certification Training & Summit 2022 takes place on Thursday, June 23, 2022

    So in this PRE-EVENT lead up, join us to learn more about this incredible summit and how you can support Vegan FTA’s animal advocacy through your ticket purchases here: