Keeping Relationships with Non-Vegans: Vegan Q&A

Keeping Relationships with Non-Vegans: Vegan Q&A

Kenny and Elle ask questions about veganism, such as relationships with non-vegans, vegetariansim, plant sentience, eggs and more.

What Do YOU Know About Chickens?

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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Do I Need to go to the Doctor?
03:19 – What Do You think About Honey?
05:24 – Is it Hard to Have a Relationship With a Non-Vegan?
09:55 – How to Quit Dairy
16:46 – Are Eggs Vegan?
19:20 – Parents Won’t Let Me Change
26:05 – Why Do Non-Vegans Get So Mad?
28:00 – I Got My Parents to Watch Dominion
30:40 – Vegan Wines
35:05 – Religious Scripture
37:59 – Best Vegan Place in the UK
40:07 – How to Deal With Friends Talking About Meat
44:44 – Why Does the Word Veganism Have Such Baggage
51:25 – If I Don’t Eat it, Others Will

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