Live Exports Finally Banned in the UK

Live Exports Finally Banned in the UK

The UK has finally banned live exports. More stories to follow, with the banning of puppy yoga, a fox hunter sentenced, and a call for bullfighting to be banned with an increasing popularity of people who disagree with the practice.

The UK Ban on Live Exports for Slaughter and Fattening Has Finally Become Law:

Italy Bans Puppy Yoga Amid Animal Mistreatment Concerns:

UK Fox Hunter Sentenced for Multiple Animal Cruelty Offences:

New Poll Shows Most People in European Bullfighting Countries Want Bullfighting Banned:

00:00 – UK Bans Live Exports
06:54 – Italy Bans Puppy Yoga
13:36 – UK Fox Hunter Sentenced
20:08 – New Poll on Bullfighting

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