Look at Jo’s Amazing Transformation. 🥹

Look at Jo’s Amazing Transformation. 🥹

Falling off a slaughter truck must have been absolutely terrifying – but this actually saved her life, because she ended up with Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. ❤️‍🩹

At first Jo was terrified and it became clear that she had been kept in a battery cage, where she would’ve had to struggle all day every day in horrendous conditions. 💔

Her feathers were missing because she was crammed in with other stressed chickens, leading them to pull each others’ feathers out. 😣

Over time, Jo started to recover, both mentally and physically. 🥰 Now she gets the freedom to spread her wings, peck in the grass and feel the sun on her face – things she never would have got to experience as a ‘layer hen’. 🥺

Jo is safe now, but sadly she is an exception. 😔 Don’t be the reason chickens like Jo are exploited in the egg industry and sent to slaughterhouses – be vegan. 🙏💚

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📹: VeganFTA
Clips from lancasterfarmsanctuary (IG)
Images are from the company she was rescued from!

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